The Extro Intro is more than a fashion and lifestyle blog, it’s a reflection of my personality. The name itself came to me in a sort of epiphany, one that I can only describe as a serious stroke of luck. It stems from the two types of personalities- extroverted and introverted. While I like to think I’m an introvert with my serious tendencies to forgo a night of partying in favor of a night alone with my computer and tumblr, I lead an extroverted lifestyle. The Extro Intro bleeds into my style choices- I dress for myself and stick to my style “guns”, but fashion is almost always a communal affair. It’s never been easy to be an extrovert, but in the fashion world it’s worth it. Grab your “guns”, stay in school, get a good job, and try to have fun in the midst of it all- but don’t fret, I’ll be blogging my way through.



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